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Kids - Kid Jesus

PRESCHOOL - Simeon and Anna Meet Jesus - Week 1

January 5-6, 2019 |

Kid Jesus is a four-week video series of Bible stories about Jesus as a kid. Pirate Patty needs help finding a treasure box full of clues from stories that reveal how even as a young boy, Jesus was extra-special.


Why did Simeon want to see baby Jesus?

Jesus is extra-special!

Bottom Line

Jesus is extra-special!



Who had been waiting a long, long time to see Jesus? (Simeon and Anna)

Who did Simeon and Anna finally get to see in the temple? (baby Jesus)

Did Anna and Simeon know that Jesus was extra-special? (yes)


Read: Luke 2:21-38


It’s not our favorite thing to do; but the stories of Simeon and Anna show us that some things are absolutely worth the wait. The Bible tells us that both Simeon and Anna were very old and had been specifically waiting on the Messiah, Jesus, for a very long time, well over half their lives. Instead of becoming discouraged in a long season of waiting, Simeon and Anna trusted that God was at work while they waited. They did not wait with anxiety, frustration, or fear. They waited with purpose and prayerful expectancy. Simeon fully trusted God’s promise made to him long before he ever actually met Jesus. And Anna constantly lived in God’s presence, literally never leaving the temple, and spending her days fasting and praying. When their waiting was over and they finally met Jesus, the moment was sweet and full of gratitude.

If we’re honest, we are horrible at waiting. In our get-it-now culture, we tend to view waiting as an inconvenient waste of time. But God is at work while we wait. He has purpose in what we may feel are seasons of nothingness. Simeon and Anna show us how to wait well. We can wait with joy and purpose and expectation of what we know God can do. And when the season of waiting finally ends, we’ll be able to respond like Simeon and Anna, with praise and thankfulness for God’s steadfast faithfulness.

What are you waiting on right now? Are you waiting with impatience or with purpose and faith?

What does it mean to you to wait with joyful expectancy?

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