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Saturday: 5 PM
9 & 11 AM

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Kids - Spooky Weekend with Brenna and Dillon

Questioning (Elementary) - Week 2

October 10-11, 2020 |

This five-part series (focusing on the Holy Spirit) will teach kids life lessons about change, questioning, identity, fear, and community all through the fun lens of fall and the things that are a part of this season.

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email your questions, story activities, photos and videos Brenna and Dillon:


Story activity

It's time to color! Ask an adult in your family to help print off this following WordCraft. Have a great time coloring and memorizing this wonderful Bible verse!


  1. How did God use what happened to Stephen for his good? (Saul would become a believer, Stephen got to see Jesus in heaven, etc.)
  2. How was God with Stephen? (God gave Stephen courage, God gave him sight to see heaven)
  3. Why is it good to ask questions when we are not sure what to think about things? (Because we want to seek God first).
  4. Who should we ask our questions to? (God.)
  5. How will God help us know what to do? (He helps us through the Holy Spirit)


What did Stephen pray when he was being attacked?
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