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Kids - Strong

Samson - Week 4

September 26-27, 2020 |

This four-part series explores how God’s people were strong and courageous – not from their own strength but God’s. They came into the Promised Land, believing he would be with them. God makes the same promise to be with us, too, which gives us the courage we need to be strong.

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Story activity

WordCraft time! Ask a family member to help you print out the following sheet. Color this beautiful paper and speak the verse out-loud. It's a great way to memorize this Bible verse. 


  1. Samson was strong! What did God tell him not to do so he could stay strong? (Don’t cut your hair!)
  2. Do you think it was actually his long hair that made him strong? What actually made him strong? (No. It was God with him that made him strong.)
  3. How did Samson defeat a ton of Philistines? (Pushed the whole building down.)
  4. Imagine you were at the party and Samson started pushing on the pillars. What would you have done? (Take responses.)
  5. When God’s strength was with Samson, everything changed. How can we remember God is always with us? (Take responses. Examples: memorize our memory verse, talk to God often, think back to times we see that he was with us.)


Q. What is the Bible verse this month?
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