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Kids - Kid Jesus

Simeon and Anna Meet Jesus - Week 1

January 2-3, 2020 |

Kid Jesus is a four-week video series of Bible stories about Jesus as a kid. Pirate Patty needs help finding a treasure box full of clues from stories that reveal how even as a young boy, Jesus was extra-special.

Friend around the world: Sozo international: https://www.sozointernational.org/


email your questions, story activities, photos and videos to Brenna and Dillon:

Bottom line

Story activity

It's time to travel with "T.V. Remote Traveler!" It's kind of like "Follow the Leader." One person yells out commands on a T.V. remote, like "play", "pause", and "fast-forward". The other plays are going to walk in place based on those commands. 

"Play" = walk in place

"Pause" = freeze

"Fast-forward" = sprint

Think of other commands and have fun!

Group Q&A

  1. Who had been waiting a long, long time to see Jesus? (Simeon and Anna)
  2. Who did Simeon and Anna finally get to see in the temple? (baby Jesus)
  3. Did Anna and Simeon know that Jesus was extra-special? (yes)


Why did Simeon want to see baby Jesus?

A. Jesus is extra-special!

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