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Hidden Person, Hidden Heart

Stand Out Faith - Week 4

October 30, 2022 | By Ben Foote

What if our culture isn't frustrated with Christians for being different, but what if they're frustrated with Christians for not being as different as we claim to be? Check out Ben's talk today as we dive into 1 Peter 3 and hear how followers of Jesus should stand out.


1.  House of the Lord By Phil Wickham Available on the "House of the Lord" from Phil Wickham.

2. Firm Foundation (He Won't) By Maverick City Music Available on "Firm Foundation (He Won't) Single" from Tribl Records

3. Highest Praise By Flatirons Music

 4. Superstition (Single Version) By Stevie Wonder Available On “The Definitive Collection” From Stevie Wonder

 5. Deliverer By North Point Worship Available on "Our God Will See Us Through (Live)" from Centricity Music


1. “Crisis doesn’t make the man; it reveals the man.” During times of difficulty (COVID, recession, inflation, barking dogs, crowded parking lots, etc.), what could make us stand out so that people wonder about the hope we have in Jesus? Give a specific example of where you did or should have done something that would make you “stick out.”

2. What were your thoughts when Ben said that only 1/3 came back to Flatirons after the pandemic? Why did you come back? How can you help reignite others and come back to church?

3. Have you ever been in a situation where you followed God’s blueprint without immediate results, only later to experience God’s answer to the situation? Was His answer the same as your anticipated answer? What was that like, related to your level of faith, during the waiting? What was that level of faith when God vindicated your faithful actions? How did that impact the next difficult situation you went through?

4. Read James 2:19 and Luke 6:46-49 one after the other. Is believing enough? Why or why not? What were some similarities between the wise man and the foolish man? What was the main thing that set them?

5. We are called to hear and put into practice what Jesus said. Just before Jesus went to heaven, he gave very specific instructions. Read Matthew 28:18-19. List the things Jesus told us to do. Discuss what it looks like to put the things he commanded into practice.

// Challenge: Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 – 7). Pick one area of life from that sermon where you’re going to begin standing out. Report back next week on how it went.

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