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Student Series - Summer Soundtrack

Summer Soundtrack - Week 1

June 19, 2022 | By Student Ministry

Group Overview

We engage in pop culture through music every day. We believe that even in today’s music, we can see Jesus when we look for Him. In this series, Summer Soundtrack, we take some popular songs that everyone would know by heart and unpack the biblical truth in each of them. Today we hear from Aaron as he talks about how pressure builds patience.

Ice Breaker

Middle School: If you came to camp with us, what is one thing that God taught you while there? If not, that’s okay. What is one thing God is teaching you?

High School: What is one thing God is teaching you right now?

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you the most in the message today? Why did it stand out to you?
  2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), how good are you at having patience with others?
  3. Read James 5:7-11 again. What is something you are patiently waiting for?
  4. Why do you think God emphasizes being patient so much in our lives?
  5. What are some ways we can grow in patience with ourselves and with others?
  6. Think about some practical ways as a group to grow in patience. Talk about these together.


Make sure to take note on what your students say and pray for them as a group.

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