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Kids - Alphabet Christmas

The Shepherds - Week 3

December 18-19, 2021 | By Kids Ministry

Christmas advent calendar!


It’s time to celebrate the birth of our Savior! We are using the alphabet this month as a fun way to introduce the true story about how God gave us Jesus. One day—sooner than we think—our now preschoolers are going to grow up and start asking some hard questions. How do I know God really loves me? Does God still love me? We want the answer to be right there and ready for them: I know God loves me because God gave us Jesus.

Friend around the world: God behind bars - https://godbehindbars.com/
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Bible verse


weekly cues - activities at home!


  1. Who was born on Christmas? (Jesus)
  2. Who told the shepherds about Jesus? (Angels)
  3. Where did the shepherds go?  (To see Jesus)
  4. What is the best gift ever? (Jesus)


Q. Who is God's gift to us?

A. Jesus

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