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This is Flatirons - Week 1

January 2, 2022 | By Jim Burgen

We take a look at who we are as a church, what we have been doing, and where we would like to be going.


  1. "Great Things" by Phil Wickham
    Available on Living Hope
  2. "God Of Revival by Bethel Music"
    Available on Revival’s In The Air
  3. "Easy On Me" by Adele
  4. "Always Beside Me" By Flatirons Music
  5. "Remembrance" by Hillsong Music
    Available on There Is More
  6. "Run To The Father" by Cody Carnes
    Available on Run To The Father


  1. As a group, read John 1:14. Share something that you find interesting from this passage.
  2. Describe what it sounds like when someone is “full of truth”.
    Describe what it looks like when someone is “full of grace”.
  3. What does life look like when we have one (truth or grace), but not the other?
  4. Read the three points of our mission from the summary. How could you, in whatever role you play in our church, help to make one of them become a reality in 2022?
  5. We listened to the song, “Remembrance” (Hillsong Worship) with particular focus on the lines,
    "You’ve been so, so good to me
    You’ve been so, so good to me
    Oh to think where I would be
    If not for you, if not for you."

    How was God good to you in 2021?
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