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Urban Mosaic - Project Baño

September & October, 2019 |

Here at Flatirons Kids, we do this really cool thing called Friends Around the World. Every month we learn more about our friends so we can pray for them and give our money to support what they’re doing in their communities. We want to be used by God to help people all over the world.

One of our Friends Around the World, Urban Mosaic in Mexico City, has asked us to be a part of a big project, Project Baño. Baño means bathroom. In Mexico city, many kids have to go to schools that don’t have clean, safe bathrooms. Sometimes schools are forced to close down bathrooms because there are too many kids and not enough clean bathrooms.

As Flatirons Kids, we’re going to work together with the families and schools in Mexico city to make sure 7,000 kids have clean, safe bathrooms.

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