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Kids - Anything is Possible!

Walking on the Water - Week 3

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Fisherman Fin loves to fish. He will introduce kids to four stories of Jesus doing miracles at the Sea of Galilee. Kids will hear how God makes anything possible.



“… with God all things are possible,” Matthew 19:26.


What did Jesus do in the story today? (He walked on water.)

Who can do anything? (Jesus can do anything.)


Read: Mark 6:45-51

Jesus’ disciples were living in the moment. They were just trying to keep up with Jesus—a.k.a. God. We might be quick to judge the disciples and wonder how in the world they could miss the meaning of all the miraculous things Jesus was doing. But, they were living in real time, experiencing Jesus moment to moment. One miraculous thing after another occurred, and it would be too much for any finite brain to comprehend. So then, it makes sense that they freaked when they saw Jesus walking on water. The Bible tells us they were utterly astounded. 

When Jesus went out on the water after noticing the disciples struggling through the storm, Mark writes that, “he meant to pass by them.” At first glance, this statement seems cold. Why would Jesus ignore them? But it actually means that Jesus looked straight ahead and waited for the disciples to notice him so they could call out to him. That night, Jesus gave the disciples the opportunity to experience both his deity and his approachability. He walked on water in plain sight of them to show them again that he was God. But he waited for them to notice him so they could also experience his complete availability to them. This is one of those incredible truths that sets the one true God apart.

He is God, but he is approachable. He is God, but he is not distant. He is God, but his desire is for us to trust him and to call on him. Paul explained this aspect of God in Acts 17. He said that God is the one who gives everyone life and breath and everything else for the purpose of people seeking him. “… God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us,” Acts 17:27 

How different would our lives look if we could cement the truth of God’s deity AND his approachability into our hearts?

How would we react differently to the storms in our lives if we first remembered that the God of the universe is completely available to us? He is telling us, “take heart, it is I. Do not be afraid.”


Q. Who can walk on water?

A. Jesus 

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