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Kids - Choose Your Own Christmas

Zechariah's Choice - Week 1

December 6-7, 2020 |

In this three-part series, kids will see the beautiful story of the very first Christmas. Through the lives of a fun, quirky family, and a few Bible stories, kids will learn that we get to choose how to respond to whatever adventures come up in life. We can choose to follow God who loves us more than we ever know or choose to do things our own way.

Friend around the world: Flatirons Christmas Giving! 
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Story activity

Click here for Christmas Pictionary Cards!


  1. Who remembers what the angel said to Zechariah and Elizabeth? (they would have a son)
  2. What was their son going to do to help God? (He would get the world ready for Jesus, our savior.)
  3. What did the Angel Gabriel tell Zechariah to name his baby? (John)
  4. Why do we celebrate Christmas? (To celebrate the birth of Jesus)
  5. What would you do if God’s angel appeared in front of you and told you big news? (Take responses.)


Q. What did the angel tell Zechariah?

A. He and Elizabeth would have a son named John.

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