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We encourage 6th-12th graders to worship with their campus in the Sunday auditorium. 

Did you know one of the leading indicators of a teenager developing a lifelong faith is regularly participating in intergenerational worship before they leave home? Contrary to popular student ministry belief, having students segmented away from the entire church body for most of their adolescent years does not help develop a lifelong faith. That’s why we encourage all students to join our weekend services every week! We have a Student section just for them in the front of the auditorium.


We all need a crew of like-minded friends who are pursuing Jesus together to encourage us, pray for us, and be there for us. 

One of the greatest gifts a church can give to parents is to help foster an environment for your teen to develop relationships with a consistent adult leader and network of friends they share a faith and do life with. That’s why we love groups, and they will meet on Campuses on Wednesday nights!



Rally happens on the first Wednesday of almost every month and is a chance for all campuses to gather, hang out, eat, worship, and learn more about Jesus. Below are our 2022-2023 Youth Nights. You can also learn more about Youth Night. We also offer transportation to Rally from all campuses!

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We can't do this without you. We have volunteer opportunities in all of our NEXTGEN ministries.

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This reimbursement program aides parents in getting the mental health support they need to best walk along side their  kids.

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NextGen Ministries

From cradle to college, we want to come alongside you to help you grow in a relationship with Christ. NEXTGEN Ministries include Kids, Students, College, and Parents Ministry.