Locations & Times

Young Adults

Age 22-30


We are a community of young adults created by you and for you. Here, we hope you discover how to live your life with meaning, in an authentic community, for the real Jesus. 

Live with meaning.

Influence the world around you. And we're not talking about having thousands of followers on Instagram. Flatirons YA is a community ready to live with purpose to influence the world around us.

Live in an authentic community.

There are no strangers here. Find real friends and experience a genuine community with people who aren't afraid to move past shallow conversations and grow in our faith together.

Live for Jesus.

We don't shy away from the hard questions and don't think you should either. Instead, we create space for you to ask life's most meaningful questions and get to know the real Jesus in the process.

Young Adult Events

FYA April Social: Barquentine Brewing Company
April 25, 2024
FYA Worship Night & Gathering
May 2, 2024