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Kids - Community Garden

Elisha's Room - Week 4

November 28, 2021 | By Kids Ministry

Christmas Advent calendar!


This month we are going to use a community garden concept to teach our preschoolers that “I can thank God for everything.” Wow, there is so much goodness in that one statement! First of all, I can thank. Choosing to be thankful is the road to contentment, joy, and peace. And we want our preschoolers to have all of that goodness in their lives. Second, I can thank God. Thanking God is how we acknowledge the One giving us all the good in our lives. And third, I can thank God for everything. Yes, even the not so good stuff. When we thank God for everything, we are showing God that we believe He can use ALL things for His purpose, and nothing is too big for Him.

Friend around the world: God behind bars - https://godbehindbars.com/
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Bible verse


weekly cues - activities at home!


  1. Who helped Elisha today? (A woman)
  2. How did she help Elisha? (She fed him and made sure he had a room to rest in.)
  3. Who does God put in our life to help us? (People)
  4. Who can we thank for everything? (God)


Q. Who can you thank for everything?

A. God

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