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Good Question: When is the Sabbath?

Spiritual Formation, Sabbath (Rest)

June 4, 2019

By Jordan Burgen


What day is the Sabbath?
In Pastor Jim’s opinion, what day should a person worship and more specifically, attend church?

There is no specific day that is “The Sabbath.” The Sabbath is based on God resting on the seventh day after 6 days of creation. So the Sabbath is when you take a day to recharge and rest up and reconnect with God before another week of work. Traditionally this has been on Saturday or Sunday, but the actual day is not as important as setting that time aside at some point during your week. As for which day a person should worship and attend church, this is also not a specific day of the week. Again, traditionally this has been Sunday because that is when most churches hold services, but more and more churches are offering Saturday services as well. Either is fine. Keep in mind that the early Christian church did not have “services” like we do today. They met where they could, when they could, usually in synagogues or people’s houses. The Church is a community of people (Acts 2), not a building where you have to go and pay your dues and check off whether you attended that week or not. Corporate worship at a little-c church is a great thing, but not the only thing that matters. The way we live our lives is to be an ongoing act of worship to God.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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"The Church is a community of people, not a building where you have to go and pay your dues and check off whether you attended that week or not."

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