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Jesus is Grace & Truth - Week 2

May 1, 2022 | By Ben Foote

What cheap Jesus have you bought: follow the rules, or do whatever you want? Join us as teaching pastor, Ben Foote, challenges us to reject these distorted versions of Jesus, and replace them with Who the Bible says He is: the God of truth and grace.


  1. “Great Things” by Phil Wickham
    Available on “Living Hope” from Phil Wickham
  2. “We Praise You” by Bethel Music and Brandon Lake
    Available on "Revival's In The Air" from Bethel Music
  3. “King of My Heart” by Bethel Music
    Available on "Starlight" from Bethel Music
  4. “God Of Revival” by Bethel Music
    Available on "Revival's In The Air" from Bethel Music


  1. Together, read John 1:14. What questions does it raise for you?

  2. If Jesus had been solely “full of truth”, how would He have acted? How about if He had only been “full of grace”.

  3. Ben said that Jesus' grace saves us from hell after earth, and His truth saves us from hell on earth. What does he mean by this?

  4. Jesus’ truth is often confronting and convicting, and usually doesn’t feel good when we hear it. At the same time, it is good for us. Can you share a time when you realized that His truth was good for you, even if it didn’t feel good when you heard it?

  5. When you think of God as both truth and grace, how does that change your approach to Him?

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