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Kids - Moses' Big Adventure With God

PRESCHOOL - Baby Moses Rescued from the River - Week 1

August 4-5, 2018 |

Preschoolers will hear about Moses’ Big Adventure with God in this four-week video series. They will learn that God was always with Moses and is always with them, too.


Who found Moses in the river?

A princess.



“God is with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9.



Who was put in the river? (Moses)

Who found baby Moses in the river? (a princess)

Who was always with Moses and is always with you? (God)


Read: Exodus 1:21-2:10

Everything in the Bible points to God’s plan of salvation. In the New Testament, because Jesus is the focus and he is our ultimate salvation, this is a lot easier to see. But there are equally incredible stories of God working out salvation (i.e. saving his people from the mess of life) in the Old Testament. And all of these stories are meant to point to God’s ultimate plan of salvation through Jesus. The story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt is perhaps one of the most powerful, dramatic, and true pictures of God’s personal, relational, and miraculous work of salvation. Moses’ story, from the beginning, reveals God’s heart for his people and shows us that he uses imperfect people to work out his plan.

Exodus 1:7 tells us that “the Israelites had many children and grandchildren. In fact, they multiplied so greatly that they became extremely powerful and filled the land.” This didn’t sit too well with Pharaoh, who became quickly intimidated by the growing number of Israelites in his country. To “solve” the problem, he enslaved the Israelites, and thus began years of ruthless oppression at the hand of the Egyptians. But the Israelites' numbers were ever increasing, and unfortunately, so was Pharaoh’s cruelty. He ordered the midwives to kill all the Israelite newborn boys, and yet, the midwives were bold and they respected life, so they allowed the newborns to live. Moses was one of those newborns. After he was born, his mother hid him for as long as she could, but when he grew too big, she sent him down the Nile in a basket. Moses’ sister, Miriam, followed him to see what would happen. The most unlikely woman rescued Moses, none other than Pharaoh’s own daughter. Isn’t it crazy that the daughter of the man behind the harsh slavery of the Hebrew people actually rescued the baby who would one day save them? What was just as amazing was that Moses’ own mother not only got the opportunity to nurse her own son, but got paid for it! From the very beginning of Moses’ life, we see God present in the details, paving the way him to lead God’s people out of slavery.

The midwives’ act of faithfulness (or defiance) was the first step in God’s plan to save an entire group of people from oppression. Have you ever thought about how God uses your decisions?

How does this change your idea of how God can use every choice you make in his bigger story?

How have you seen God’s presence in the details of your life this week?


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