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Rally Cry, Out Cry, Battle Cry

January 9, 2022 | By Steve Carter

This weekend guest speaker Steve Carter has us ask ourselves "Are We Running The Right Race?"


  1. “Real Love” by Hillsong Y&F
    Available on “Youth Revival” from Hillsong Y&F
  2. “House of the Lord” by Phil Wickham
    Available on the "House of the Lord" from Phil Wickham
  3. “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong Worship
    Available on “There Is More” by Hillsong Worship
  4. “Death Was Arrested” by North Point Worship
    Available on “ Death Was Arrested (feat. Seth Condrey) - Single” from North Point Worship


  1.  As a group, read Joshua 1:7-9. What do you find interesting? What questions does this passage raise?
  2. Joshua was told to be “strong and courageous.” He was also given another instruction in the passage. What was it, and why would it also be important? 
  3. The first Hebrews who looked upon the Promised Land agreed that it was a bountiful land but were terrified to face the inhabitants (Numbers 13:27-28).
    a. In your life, where have you seen the incredible promises of God but been intimidated by the obstacles you would need to overcome?
    b. Share a time when you were “strong and courageous” and saw God’s promises realized in your life.
  4. It took roughly six centuries for the promise that God made to Abraham - that his descendants would inhabit the Promised Land - to come to fruition. What does this tell you about God’s nature and character?
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