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Shelter | Week 3

April 21, 2024 | By Ben Chavez

In this message, Ben explores how new believers, like contestants on the reality show "Alone," face the challenge of sustaining their faith in isolation. He draws parallels between the survival tools used on the show and the spiritual essentials needed for believers to thrive. Ben emphasizes the Holy Spirit as an empowering presence that enhances all spiritual tools, not merely as another item to use. He highlights the Bible's crucial role in building a solid spiritual foundation, akin to a durable shelter, helping believers move beyond survival to achieve the abundant life Jesus promised. This series aims to equip Christians of all stages to feel supported and thrive in their faith journeys.


"Prodigals" Available on "Our God Will See Us Through (Live)" from North Point from Centricity Music

"Gratitude" Available on "House Of Miracles" from Brandon Lake

"Living Hope" Available on "Living Hope" from Phil Wickham

"Goodness Of God" Available on "Victory" from Bethel Music


Shelter - Bible

Alive Week 3
April 21st, 2024

// Bible References: Matthew 7:24-26 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17

// Community Question: Share with the group your personal experience with the Bible growing up. (Ex. Was the Bible talked about or read in house? When was the first time you read parts of Bible for yourself? What has the Bible meant to you up to this point?)


// Discussion Questions

  1. As a group, read Matthew 7:24-26 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17. What key themes or ideas stand out to you in these passages? What do you think Jesus and Paul intended to communicate through these words?


  1. What are some common criticisms of the Bible that you have encountered, such as viewing the stories as mere metaphors, geographical limitations, perceived irrelevance to modern life, or alleged contradictions? Have you personally faced any criticisms about the Bible? How have you addressed them?

  2. What barriers prevent us from reading the Bible in a way that strengthens our faith and relationship with Jesus, rather than seeing it as a religious duty? Is it challenging to understand and apply to our daily lives? Are our schedules too busy? What strategies could help us engage more with the Bible?

  3. Considering that the Bible was written for us, not to us, how does it apply to our lives today? What are some reasons people might argue that the Bible doesn't apply to us? Conversely, what reasons support its relevance to our lives?

  4. God gave us the Bible as a guide our personal lives. Why do you think God cares about our actions and choices? What are potential benefits of aligning our lives with God's word?

  5. Reflecting on Matthew 7:24-26, Jesus emphasizes the importance of hearing and following His words for a solid life foundation. Can you share a personal experience when God's word sustained you through a challenging time? How did relying on God's word impact your life during that period?

// Challenge: What practical steps can you take to study the Bible consistently? Would you commit to spending 15 minutes daily reading the Scriptures? Need a starting point or resources? Explore Bible reading resources and next steps at: https://www.flatironschurch.com/nextsteps/ or our guide here.

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