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Life Interrupted

Truth Asks Tough Questions

April 3, 2022 | By Jim Burgen

When what you had going on gets interrupted, is it possible that God is trying to get your attention, to redirect you toward a better way of life? Lead Pastor, Jim Burgen, challenges us to focus on finding our way to the heart of God’s truth through obedience.


  1. “Battle Belongs” by Phil Wickham
    Available on “Hymn Of Heaven” from Columbia Records

  2. “Faith is Rising Up” by Flatirons Music

  3. “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)” by Hillsong UNITED
    Available on “As You Find Me (Live) – Single” from Hillsong Church

  4. “DONE.” by The Band Perry
    Available on “Pioneer” from Big Machine Label Group, LLC

  5. "I Thank God” by Maverick City Music
    Available on "Move Your Heart" from Tribl Records


  1. What are some different teaching methods God has used in your life?1
  2. Read John 5:1-7. Think for a moment about Jesus’ question and the lame man’s reply.
    A. What do you think of the question asked by Jesus in verse 6?
    B. What does verse 7 reveal about the lame man?(Go ahead and speculate about possible attitudes, beliefs, or emotions that might have been part of his response)
  3. Compare the words of Jesus in John 5:8 and John 5:14; what is similar and what is different?
  4. Imagine that God is asking you that very question: “Do you want to get well?” What does this tell you about His posture towards you?



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