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Spiritual Formation

become more like jesus

God's goal for us is to become more like Jesus. The process of becoming more like Him through growth and community is what we like to call Spiritual Formation. In the end, we hope that our lives look very different than the life we lived before (Matthew 7:24-25, Romans 6:4).

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We believe that while we learn in rows on the weekend, we grow in circles through groups. If you're not a part of a Flatirons Group, find one that fits you: Group Finder.

Soul Groups & Weekends

If you're feeling stuck in your spiritual growth, consider diving deeper with a Soul Group. These help you work on the areas of your life that you don’t understand and that seem to be resistant to change. They are by application only and begin with a Formation Group that lasts 10-15 weeks. Once you've completed your Formation Group, you may choose to continue in an ongoing group. 



Women's Soul Groups are offered twice a year. It is not necessary to have completed the Unleashed weekend to be part of group. Sign up here. Register for a weekend on the website below.



Men's Soul Groups are formed through attending a weekend-long, Liminal Unknown Journey. A Formation Group directly follows the weekend with the same group of men you attend with. Sign up for a weekend on the website below.

Liminal Website

The Unknown Weekend