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Too Far Gone

Centurion | Week 1

July 2, 2023 | By Mark Moore

Have you ever felt like you didn't belong or fit in at church? Guest Speaker Mark Moore teaches the story of the Centurion and teaches us that we are all just misfits who have found a place at the feet of Jesus.


Praise Available on "Can You Imagine?" from Elevation Worship

Who You Say I Am Available on “There is More” from Hillsong Church

Same God Available on "LION" from Elevation Worship

There's Nothing That Our God Can't Do Available on "There's Nothing Our God Can't Do (Live)" from sixsteprecords/Sparrow Records


// Bible References
Luke 7:1-10; 23:44-46; Mark 15:34-35,39; Matthew 27:54

// Community Question
Share a time when you felt out of place or like you didn’t belong.

// Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever felt like you didn't belong or fit in at church? Why do you think that is? What can you do to make others feel more welcome and included in the church community?
  2. Read Luke 7:4-5. The Centurion in this verse helped build the Capernaum synagogue partly because he was attracted to the God of Judaism. What attracts you to Christianity? How does Jesus and the life He offers differ from the life the current culture offers?
  3. Read Luke 7:1-10 In the story of the first Centurion, what does his faith in Jesus tell you about his character? The centurion had great faith in Jesus and asked him to heal his servant from a distance. Jesus was impressed by the centurion's faith. What does having faith like the Centurion look like in your life? How can you have faith like the first centurion?
  4. Read Luke 23:44-49, Matt 27:54, Mark 15:39 The Centurion in this story was familiar with the darkness, cruelty, and helplessness that came with those who were being crucified. How Jesus endured His crucifixion shook him to his core. Instead of the common venom and vitrail, Jesus forgave. Instead of being consumed by the darkness, Jesus rose above it. Even when the earthquake frightened others, Jesus remained in control. Why do you think the centurion recognized Jesus as the Son of God after the crucifixion?
  5. What do you understand the speaker to mean when they encourage us to develop a faith that astonishes Jesus, referring to the stories of two centurions—one who was taken aback by Jesus and became a believer, and another who displayed a faith that caught Jesus off guard? Additionally, how do you think you can personally cultivate such a faith in your own life?

// Challenge: How would your life transform if you were to fully embrace the idea that Jesus believes in you and act in all areas of your life based on that belief?

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