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Definition Of Faith - Week 1

January 22, 2023 |

Sometimes the word faith can feel like just another cliche word our mom's decorate their homes with. So today we're digging into what it really mean to have "faith" and how it should impact our lives.


Freedom By Kim Walker Smith Available on "Living With A Fire (Live)" From Kim Walker Smith 

There's Nothing Our God Can't Do By Passion Available on "There's Nothing Our God Can't Do (Live)" From Passion

Deliverer By North Point Worship Available on "Deliverer (Live)" From North Point Worship

Life Is A Highway By Rascal Flatts Available on “Me And My Gang” From Rascal Flatts 

Gratitude By Brandon Lake Available on "House Of Miracles" from Brandon Lake


// Bible References

Ephesians 2:8,9; Hebrews 11:1; John 16:33; Romans 5:6-8

// Community Question

Jim referenced that our faith can be a thermometer or a thermostat. A thermometer goes up when things are good and tanks when things are bad. A thermostat is the main influencer in the temperature of our life. Which one does our faith tend to be? Why?

// Discussion Questions

1. Sometimes we can approach faith like a ritual. Meaning if we do a certain amount of things in a particular order and amount for God, He will give us what we want. Share a time where we approached faith like this, what kind of things did we do?

2. Share a time when approaching faith like a ritual worked. How did you feel afterwards?

3. Share a time when approaching faith like a ritual did not. How did you feel afterwards?

4. Read John 16:33 After reading this passage, does Jesus promise that we won’t have to experience hard things in life? How does this verse affect how we see faith as a ritual?

5. Read Hebrews 11:1 Another way of expressing this passage is “Faith is confidence that Jesus is who He said He was and will keep every promise that He has made to us.” How can we have faith that Jesus is who He said He was and will keep every promise?

6. Read Romans 5:6-8 This passage highlights Jesus’ promise that even if we forsake and abandon Him, He will never forsake or leave us, that even when we think He is not there in the hard times, eventually we will be able to look back and see that he kept His promise. How does this promise affect how we view faith?

// Challenge: 

Why should we put our faith in who Jesus is? Why should we trust, follow, obey, serve, and worship Him?

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