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At The End Of The Day Podcast

Doom Scrolling Pt 2

September 28, 2021 | By NEXTGEN Ministries

Father of 2, Jason Nelson, continues to dive into the principles he has laid out for his family surrounding their use of technology and the importance of boundaries. 

Principles of Technology

  1. We rule our phones. They do not rule us. They are simply tools that can help us in many ways, if we use them responsibly.
  2. A life of friendship and conversation is better than distraction and entertainment. When spending time with friends, family, and at times even strangers, put your phone away and give them your attention. This is one of the most important gifts you can give.
  3. Creating something is better than consuming something. Take time to make, write, build, design, paint, etc., every day.
  4. We use screens for a purpose. Not aimlessly and alone. Don't pick up your device just because you are bored.
  5. Boredom is not the enemy. Boredom is the fuel for creativity. Screens do nothing to develop our abilities to wait, pay attention, contemplate, or explore. So much creativity happens when we are faced with time to think in solitude. Screens undermine our ability to enjoy the abundance of ordinary. 
  6. Devices increase distraction and can undermine key reading and learning skills. We cannot read, see, learn, listen to, watch, or consume everything the internet offers. We must assign a value to all the information we take in, and take in only that which is important to us. We limit the time we invest on various platforms.
  7. At points of your life, digitally detox your life. Recalibrate your ultimate priorities. This is important. If you do not take the time to do it, you will never be able to change your path. 
  8. Recognize that most of what you respond to can wait. Do not respond simply because your phone or device sends a notification. Respond at a convenient time for you.
  9. Do not use your phone as an alarm clock. Your phone does not live in your bedroom. Phones and devices are left outside your bedroom before bedtime. We wake up before our devices and they go to bed before us, giving us space to be ourselves when waking and before bed.
  10. Turn off all non-essential notifications. Install ad blockers, suggestion blockers, and comment blockers whenever and wherever possible.
  11. Do not share any images (or words or anything) that you wouldn't be comfortable sharing with your grandparents.
  12. We do not engage in negative talk or gossip online. Do not type mean words when communicating. Remember, these words never go away. If we have an issue with someone we discuss it with a phone call or face-to-face.
  13. Comparison is the thief of joy. Social media encourages this behavior. No social media networks.
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