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Faith Means Sacrifice - Week 4

February 12, 2023 | By Jim Burgen

God is calling us all into a bigger story than we could ever imagine. Jim Burgen shows us that while it might be hard to see from here, we have to trust that God will connect the dots in the end.


I Thank God by Lifeway Worship Available on “Songs of Thanksgiving” From Lifeway Worship

Firm Foundation by Maverick City Music Available on "Firm Foundation (He Won't) Single" from Maverick City Music

She Had Me At Heads Carolina By Cole Swindell Available on “Stereotype” from Cole Swindell

Living Hope by Phil Wickham Available on "Living Hope" from Phil Wickham



// Bible References
 Hebrews 11:1; James 1:2-4, 13; Genesis 22: 1-14


// Community Question

Go around the group and share a time when you felt God was asking you to step out in faith and do something that made you feel uncomfortable, what happened?

// Discussion Questions

  1. Read Genesis 22:1-2 In this passage God tells Abraham to sacrifice (or give) Isaac to Him, asking Abraham to give that which was most precious to him back to God. Would we consider giving the thing (person, relationship, son, child) that we love over God? Knowing He loves and wants good for us both? Why or why not?
  2. Read Genesis 22:3-9 In this passage Abraham had faith they would both return (vs 5 “I and the boy will….come again to you.”) as a result of God’s (yet unknown) provision. (vs 8 “God will provide…”) How hard is it to trust God when we don’t know WHAT will happen or HOW God will do it? How does not knowing the WHAT or HOW of God’s provision affect the way we trust God with our lives?
  3. Read Genesis 22:10-14. In this passage, God reveals one of His names “Jehovah Jireh”, which means “The God who will see and will provide all that is needed.” Share a time when God has provided for you in ways you did not expect, how did that feel?
  4. Read Genesis 22:1; James 1:2-4,13 In this passage God says He “tested” Abraham. The goal of a test is to reveal what is present and make it stronger. (perseverance) Whereas the goal of temptation is to set someone up to fail. Have we been tested by God? If we have, how did it make us stronger? What did it take away that we didn’t need in our lives?
  5. The story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac is a foreshadowing of Jesus being our sacrificial lamb on the cross to pay for our sins. Does God giving over what was most precious to Him (his son) and Christ’s willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for us make it easier to trust Him? Why or why not?

// Challenge:  What is God inviting you to trust Him with? What would be the sacrifices you feel you would have to make to move forward in that trust? Do you believe there could be something better for you waiting on the other side of that trust?

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