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What The Flock?

Feed My Sheep | Week 4

April 16, 2023 | By Jim Burgen

What does it really mean to love Jesus?  In today's message, you will gain insight into the biblical story of Peter and his denial of Jesus and learn how he found forgiveness and restoration through his faith. Learn how to take practical steps to overcome doubt, fear, and negative self-talk and be empowered to live a life of purpose, joy, and significance.



// Bible References
 John 6:35,51-56,61-63, 66-69; 10:14-16, 13:31-38; 14:15,23-24, 21:4-19 Isaiah 61:3

// Community Question
Share a story or your own, on how Christ met someone and changed a life.

// Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 13:31-38, 21:4-14; Isaiah 61:3 These passages record Peter’s betrayal, the beginning of Peter’s redemption, and an overall promise of “life resurrection”. Reflect on a time when God reached into the ashes of our lives (like He did with Peter) and brought something beautiful out of it.
  2. Read John 21:15 In the first half of this verse Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him more than “these.” What are the “these” in our lives that compete with Jesus for being the first love in our life? What is something we can lay down this week that are distracting us from Jesus?

  3. Read John 14:15, 23-24 According to this passage, what does it mean to really love and follow Jesus?

  4. What do you think of the statement “In order to love Jesus you have to get to know Jesus intimately”? With that in mind, what can you specifically start this week to spend more time with Jesus? (Example: Time in prayer, reading the Bible, etc.) Please share with the group first and then next week, take a moment to discuss how it went.

  5. Jim relayed the most important part(s) of following Jesus. Review the list then share which one speaks to you more and why?
    1. You have to intimately know Jesus.
    2. The more you know Jesus, the more you will love Him.
    3. The more that you love Him, the more that you will obey Him.
    4. The way that you get to know Him is to listen to His voice.
    5. The way that you listen to His voice is to spend time in His Word. (Bible)
    6. The purpose of your life is to follow/obey wherever and whatever His voice says is true.
    7. The mission of your life is to know Jesus and to feed and care for His sheep (other followers and people who are not yet followers but will be someday when they hear the voice of Jesus).
    8. The way that you feed sheep is to speak the words of Jesus to them (not our own words of advice). Ex: I know what Jesus says, but…(wrong)
    9. The words of Jesus are His Flesh & Blood, His Spirit & Life, Bread & Water. (i.e.-life essentials)
    10. Your responsibility is to feed sheep. God draws people to Himself. We lead by feeding.

Challenge:  For next week can we commit to reading from John every day until we find something from the words of Jesus that applies to our life, then write it down, and share how that truth showed up in our lives (or how you demonstrated it to others) the next time your group meets?

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