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Hidden Person, Hidden Heart

Grace of Life - Week 2

October 16, 2022 | By Jim Burgen

Does being disconnected from the most critical relationships in our lives impact our relationship with God? Jim Burgen will dive into what God says about being a Husband and how to work toward a healthy, thriving marriage.


  1. We Praise You by Bethel Music and Brandon Lake, Available on "Revival's In The Air" from Bethel Music
  2. Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship, Available on "There is More" from Hillsong Church
  3. Goodness of God by Bethel Music, Available on "Victory" from Bethel Music 
  4. Tennesee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton, Available on "Traveler" from Christ Stapleton
  5. Good Grace by Hillsong United, Available on " As You Find Me (Live) Single " from Hillsong Church

Group Questions

Community Question: How does it feel (both men and women) when someone holds a door for you or helps you with something you could have done on your own?

Discussion Questions

1. “Likewise” starts both the women’s and men’s verses of how they should think about their marriage. Likewise means “in the same way.” We are supposed to treat our spouses in the same way as what? [Hint: READ 1 Peter 2:21-25.] Considering the intensity of these preceding verses, how does that reflect on the significance of the instructions after the “likewise” for men or women?

2. Men are supposed to spend time with their wives in an “understanding” way that shows honor? What does that look like? How do we get there?

3. Husband, live WITH your wives… Touchy subject…Regardless if they were “good causes” or not, what are some things you have inadvertently let creep in and rob you of that time with your wife?

4. What you permit, you promote. MEN: What do you permit others, including your children or grandchildren, to do or say to your wife that is not honoring? What does Peter call us to do? What can you do to intervene without damaging relationships? If you don’t say anything, what relationships are impacted? How?

5. WOMEN: What might you be doing to “permit”/”promote” your children or your grandchildren to not honor you? How can your husband support you in this? 6. Jim stated that the “weaker vessel” is like an expensive and rare piece of china. How does that translate to how men should treat women?


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