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Healing Despair And Anxiety Through The Power Of Connection

September 9, 2021

Do you sense your child might be struggling with something but you just can’t put it into words? Maybe you’re a youth pastor, small group leader, teacher, or coach who wants to know how to help kids who are facing despair. There are countless resources available for addressing physical and academic needs of today’s youth, but what about their mental and emotional needs? 

Youth anxiety and depression rates are rising. No parent wants their kid to suffer from despair. This book contains essential information about the dynamics of despair in kids and teens in a clear and understandable way. In each page, you will find helpful information about why the kid or teen in your life might be struggling, but also comfort in knowing how you can help. Throughout each chapter, you will learn about different tools of connection and the critical steps you can take to help kids and teens feel seen so that they can find confidence in who God has called them to be.

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