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Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey - Week 1

January 8, 2023 | By Ben Foote

When we look at our past, we see failures. When we look toward our future, we feel fear. But God is telling us to change our perspective. When we look at our past, we should see the wonders he’s done in our lives. When we look toward our future, we should feel HOPE.


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Already Won by Flatirons Music 2020 

Make Room By Community Music Available on "Make Room (Live)" From Community Music

Run To The Father By Cody Carnes Available on "Run To The Father" from Carnes Music Group LLC, Sparrow Records


// Bible References

Matthew 4:1-11, 1 Chronicles 16:11-12, Jeremiah 29:11

// Community Question

Share some New Year’s resolutions you have either attempted or heard of. Did they work? If they worked, share your secrets with the rest of us.

// Discussion Questions

1. Read Matthew 4:2-4 In this passage Jesus’ identity as the Son of God is challenged. The enemy can challenge our identity as children of God by accusing us of not being good enough. How does dwelling on our failures and not giving ourselves grace affect our identity in Christ?

2. Read Matthew 4: 5-11 This passage describes Jesus temptation to take disingenuous short cuts in His journey to be the Savior of The World. Given that becoming more like Christ does not have any short cuts, and is a series of small steps, does knowing this encourage or discourage us? Why?

3. How does knowing that Jesus never expected us to change overnight; expects our journey with Him to take time; and therefore, meets us with grace, patience, and consistency… affect the way we see God and ourselves?

4. What small step can we commit to this week that makes us more like Christ? (Consider sharing how it went next week.)

5. Read 1 Chronicles 16:11,12 When we look back on our lives, what are some ways that God has demonstrated His power and miracles in our life? How does recounting those experiences change our perspective on our past?

6. Read Jeremiah 29:11 What does it mean to believe that God has a plan and hope for our future? If we really believed this, how would it change our outlook on our future?

// Challenge:

Write out/share your answers to the following questions:

1) Look back in awe: What is one way God amazed you in 2022?

2) Look forward with hope: What are you looking forward to in 2023?

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