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Man on the Throne

By Jordan Burgen

© 2020


Group Study Guide


What does it mean to "spiritually lead your home?" Provide and protect, we get. But how do we lead them closer to Christ? What is expected of us? What "counts"?

The best place to start when trying to tackle this question is figuring out what the Bible means when it lays out its instructions. It gives a lot of guidelines to the roles and relationships between a father/husband and his family, but it by no means spells it out in great detail. There is no book of the Bible dedicated to the detailed situations a husband/father finds himself in and how to deal with each one. Nor is there one with a checklist of everything you should do with your family to make them more spiritual. So, what is it talking about exactly when it says, "Love your wife"? That is vague. This is why so many young men heading into marriage do not know exactly what they are getting into, and why so many men find themselves years into a marriage with no spiritual substance. They don't know what is expected of them because they assume they know what "love your wife" means, but fail to grasp the big picture.

This book should help.

Author: Jordan Burgen

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