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Mother's Day - Week 5

May 9, 2021 | By Jim Burgen

We are all called, male and female, to examine the voices we listen to and the things/people we use to measure ourselves; remembering our true identity can be found in the name of God.


  1. “Cover Me In Sunshine” by P!nk, Willow Sage Hart
    Available on “Cover Me In Sunshine” by P!nk, Willow Sage Hart
  2. "Already Won” by Flatirons Music
  3. “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong Worship
    Available on “There Is More” by Hillsong Worship
  4. “Jireh” by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music
    Available on “Old Church Basement” by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music


  1. Jim said that our biggest problem is that we “listen to the wrong voices and compare ourselves to the wrong things to find our value, our worth, and our identity.” Where is this true in your life right now? Where are you comparing yourself to others to find your worth and value? And what wrong voices are you allowing to speak into your identity?   
  2. Jim went through Proverbs 31 which describes a “super woman.”  What emotions or thoughts did that bring up for you?  Did you immediately start comparing your mom to her or your role as a parent to the “super woman” in the verses? 
  3. Read Proverbs 31:30. What impact would it have in your life if you focused on “fearing the Lord” (knowing who God is and who you are to God) rather than focusing on the voices you have historically been listening to about your worth and value?  This weekend, we learned 3 names of God. 
    Ruach - “he brings energy and life to the formless and void." 
    El Shaddai - “like a mother’s breast…He supplies all that you need.” 
    Jireh - “He supplies and provides more than enough for everything that He tells you to do.”  
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