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Wise vs Foolish - Week 1

April 11, 2021 | By Jim Burgen
Jim starts off a new series in the book of Proverbs, unpacking how we can make the wisest choices for all of life’s decisions. 


  1. “Holy Water” by We The Kingdom
    Available on “Live at the Wheelhouse” by We The Kingdom
  2. “Great Things” by Phil Wickham
    Available on “Great Things” by Phil Wickham
  3. “Peace Be Still” by Lauren Daigle
    Available on “All The Earth (Live)” by The Belonging Co.
  4. "Promises” by Joe L Barnes, Naomi Raine
    Available on “Maverick City Vol. 3 Part 1” by Maverick City Music



  1. Jim tells us that “the fear of the Lord” means “to remember and acknowledge that all of God’s intentions towards you are good.” Do you have a hard time believing that? If so, share an example of how you are struggling with that now?  
  2. What is an area of your life where you are forgiven but healing is still going to take a while?
  3. Read Proverbs 11:2 and share with the group a time where instead of acting out of wisdom you acted out of pride. What were your takeaways, both good and bad?
  4. What are you doing to make sure that choices you make are yielding the best possible outcomes for you and everyone around you? If those choices are not producing the best possible outcome, what do you need to rethink in your life to yield the best possible outcome?
  5. Jim says, “It is equally as foolish to KNOW God’s truth and NOT apply it to your life, as it is to apply something to your life that is different than what God says is true." What areas of your life do you find it easier to apply God’s truth? What areas of your life do you find it harder to apply God’s truth?
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