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Not All "Truth" Leads To Freedom - Week 4

March 12, 2023 | By Jim Burgen

Not all things that claim to be true are really true. This week, Jim will teach us how abiding by what Jesus says is true will set us free from things in the past that were not true and lead us to a life we were created to live.


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// Bible References
John 8:31-33

 // Community Question

Has anyone bought something because of an infomercial? Did what you buy live up to its promise? Share some examples of when a product claimed one thing and didn’t deliver or when it did deliver.

// Discussion Questions

1. What “truths” about life did we believe at one time that we have later found out were not true? (i.e., if I just get fill in the blank then I will be happy. )

2. Read John 8:31 (ESV) Abide means: to stay, remain, live in, don’t let go of. To “abide” in God’s Word is to follow Jesus’ example of a life obedient to the will of God. Does that sound easy or hard? Why or why not? Why choose to live a life obedient to the will of God?

3. Read John 8:31-32 These verses can be summed up in “Faith leads to obedience to what Jesus says is true, and obedience leads to freedom.” Do we believe that? If so, where have we seen that play out in our lives?

4. Read John 8:33 In this passage the Pharisees refute the claim of Jesus that they need to be set free. They do this by responding that they don’t need to be set free from anything…essentially adopting the modern equivalent of “what is true for me is true”. What might be the danger of this life approach in the long term?

5. What makes it hard to follow what Jesus says is true and sets us free? Think about the areas of life to answer this question. (i.e., What Jesus says is true about: parenting, high school, career, marriage, relationships) Why might it be easier to follow our own truth?

Leader Discussion Prompt: Does immediate vs long term gratification play a role in the difficulty of following what Jesus says is true and will ultimately set us free?

// Challenge:  What area of our life can we choose this week to take and abide in what Jesus says is true, believing it will lead to freedom?


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