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Straight Paths - Week 4

May 2, 2021 | By Ben Foote

Ben has us take a look at how we can avoid drifting apart from the people we love the most.


  1. Graves Into Gardens” by Elevation Worship
    Available on “Graves Into Gardens” by Elevation Worship
  2. “Another In The Fire” by Hillsong Worship
    Available on “Kingdom Come (Live)” by Hillsong Worship
  3. “You Alone” by Flatirons Music
  4. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood
    Available on “Old Church Basement” by Carrie Underwood


  1. Read Proverbs 3:5 as a group. What’s the hardest part for you about applying this verse to your life? The “trusting the Lord” part? Or the part about “not leaning on” or relying on your own judgement, feelings and emotions?
  2. Where in your life has “leaning on your own understanding,” even when your intentions were good, led to negative outcomes or consequences for you or others around you? (ex. Ben eating the salad out of respect and honor for the people who sacrificed so much to provide him a meal)
  3. Where are you rationalizing decisions and actions that you know have the potential to cause discord in your life?
  4. Read Proverbs 3:6. Share a time where you intentionally paused and acknowledged God when making a decision and you experienced “the straight path” that He promises?
  5. Share some areas in your life where you are successfully putting wisdom into practice? (i.e., putting proper boundaries in place, choosing home/spouse/kids over your own desires or needs).


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